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Michael Kruger Photography

Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer Information

A. Booking Process

1. Bookings can be made via email, telephone or using the relevant Facebook Page messaging system on Michaels page.

2. Unless very last minute, an initial meeting is to be held by both parties to discuss the shoot.  This could be anything from discussing personal needs for you the client and any needs Michael may have too. It may also include him advising and helping with ideas. The direction of this initial meeting will depend on the type of photo shoot you book. This initial meeting is highly recommended.

B. Payments and Cancellations

1.Upon deciding to book a photo shoot with Michael, a 50% deposit is required. This can be paid in person via cash or cheque. Michaels bank details can be provided if you wish to do online transfer payments. All payments are recorded by a valid invoicing system provided  Michael Kruger Photography.

2. A further 25% payment by cash or cheque only needs to be made on the day of the photo shoot. This 25% can be paid before the day too, if you want to make a bank transfer, making sure it will clear by the day of the booked photo shoot.

3. The remaining 25% payment is then payable on hand over of edited images. Final payment must be made in cash or cheque. PLEASE NOTE! NO IMAGES WILL BE HANDED OVER TO YOU THE CLIENT UNTILL FINAL OUTSTANDING PAYMENTS ARE PAID.

4. Any overseas clients wishing to book with Michael MUST make a 25% bank transfer within 7 days of the shoot. If these terms are not adhered to, the shoot will be considered null and void and be cancelled.

5. All deposits are non refundable [expect in the case of medical emergencies and where proof can be produced] but are transferable to another date within 2 months of the planned photo shoot date; otherwise all deposits will be forfeited. Michael should be informed within at least 48 hours of any postponements in order not to forfeit any deposits paid. Full cancellation, at any time before the booked photo shoot will mean a forfeit on deposits in full.

6. No shows also include the absence of you, the client upon Michael arriving at a your chosen photo shoot location. If the shoot get’s cancelled or postponed due to a no-show or a late arrival placing the photo shoot at risk, all deposits will be forfeited and you the client will need to reschedule a new booking with a new deposit. If for any reason a deposit is not made and the above occurs, Michael will bill you the client from the time he was present on location till the time he has had to leave. An invoice will be sent and will need to be paid within 7 days of receipt.

7. Once the price for your shoot has been agreed upon, this is the final fee. Clients are asked not to try and barter upon final payment. Full final payment is required or Michael may be forced to withhold your images until said payment is made.

8. Please take note that shoot fees dont just include photography. If you the client also book Michaels make up artist, studio and a stylist for instance, you’ll be invoiced for the total cost of all involved for the shoot. So your deposit payment will reflect this.


C. Image copyright and model release forms

1. What ever type of shoot you book with Michael, there will always be a restriction on the amount of images you’re permitted to choose for editing purposes. For example if we are shooting a wedding shoot, the Gold Package allows for 150 edited images. For the Half Day Portfolio Package the permitted editing amount is 25 images. You the client will be given these edited images on USB or via online web transfer using Wetransfer.com. How you receive the final edited images will be discussed upon booking your photo shoot.

2. Please take note, that you the client will only be receiving the agreed amount of edited images. You will NOT be given ALL the photos taken on the day of the shoot. [In either Jpeg or RAW format] If you wish to purchase extra edits from your photo shoot, you are by all means able to do so. Images will be available for viewing on a password-protected album on Michael’s site where further editing choices can be made.

3. Extra editing is charged at AED60/image and again will not be handed over to you the client without full payment.

4. Please also take note that Michael still holds the copyright to any image taken on your shoot and although there is no intention of selling these images onto third parties, he still holds the rights to do so. Michael will however request your permission if this was ever the case. If you wish to hold complete and outright copyright of the images taken on your shoot, there are extra fees to pay for this copyright, usage and time frame. Please feel free to ask Michael more about this if required. You as the client are also NOT PERMITTED to sell any of the images taken in your photo shoot with Michael onto third parties without his express permission. Failure to do so could end up in a lawsuit to recoup the loss of any revenue from said sale.

5. Anyone being photographed by Michael MUST sign a Model Release Form. This is a special form giving Michael permission to take photos of you the client. This may also include your children, in the case of family portraits. The model release form also give’s Michael permission to use the images for his own personal use to promote his business. This would include using the images for social media and his websites. It may also include printed material like flyers or posters to be used for his business. As mentioned above, special permission is required to sell images onto third parties, and this is also included in the model release form. Any minors doing a photo shoot with Michael will need to have their model release forms signed and dated by a parent or legal guardian.

6. Clients are permitted to bring along a chaperone with them on any shoot booked with Michael. It is important that this person acts only as a chaperone only. Although some limited behind the scenes photos with a mobile phone only will be permitted, under no circumstances can the chaperone bring an SLR camera with them and take photos of the shoot, unless asked to do so by Michael. Failure to adhere to this rule will put and end to the photo shoot and all photos taken and fees paid up until that time will be forfeited.

7. When in the case, Michael is required to shoot alone with a female model or client, he reserves the right to bring his own chaperone along with him. Any refusal for Michael to do so will force him to cancel the shoot without refunding any deposits paid to him.

8. Photo shoot times will be scheduled prior to the shoot. Time starts when Michael arrives and includes set up time, hair and make up time and of course shooting coverage time. The shoot will end when the scheduled coverage time runs out. Additional time may be added onto the photo shoot, but an extra hourly fee is chargeable at AED450 per hour regardless of the type of shoot Michael is doing. Also if extra time is needed it cannot always be guaranteed due to Michael’s availability. Please check with him prior to starting the shoot whether he has other jobs to go to and what he’s general availability is beyond your booked photo shoot time.


D. Personal and Property Disclaimer

1. Michael Kruger and Michael Kruger Photography will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of your, the clients property before, during and after the booked photo shoot. Please make sure to keep all possessions close to you at all times.

2. Michael Kruger and Michael Kruger Photography will not be held responsible for any accidental damage, injury or death of a client during the time leading up to, during and after the planned photo shoot. Michael will always take into account health and safety practises, as well as act with caution and care whilst working on a photo shoot. This includes anyone accompanying him as a passenger in his car leading up to the photo shoot and returning after said photo shoot.


 E. Frequently asked Questions

1. Do I need to provide my own clothes for the photo shoot?

If you’re booking a portfolio shoot, then generally yes, you provide your own clothes. I am happy to consult with you at your home where I can go through your collection of clothes. Based on what you have we can come up with concepts and ideas for the shoot. Also if you're open to having a stylist, this can be arranged at an extra cost. [Please ask Michael for stylist fees as they tend to differ depending on who’s available] The stylist will help you get clothes for the shoot. It's completely optional and not forced upon you at all! If your budget doesn't allow, Michael can join you to do a bit of shopping, at your cost. This consultation will cost AED300 per hour to help you find the correct clothes for the look we're after. 

2. Is hair and make up included in my photo shoot fee?

Hair and make up is only included in the shoot fee if you’re doing a portfolio shoot with Michael. In any other circumstances my make up artist fees will apply. [See below] Michael’s make up artist is experienced and can accommodate any style we're after. She provides all make up and products required. You won't need to bring anything. If however you want extensions for your hair, these are not included. We usually suggest this is done by a hair professional before the shoot takes place. If however, they're just clip in extensions, that you provide them and bring them along to the shoot.

Michael’s chief make up artist is Lilly Nouilati and her fees are as follows:

1-3 hours = AED275 per hour

Half day [4 hours] = AED1300

Full day [ 8 hours] = AED2500

*Please take note that if Lilly is not available for your shoot Michael has a good team of alternative make up artists. Rates may vary, so please check at time of booking.

4. Will our photo shoot take place on a location or  in a studio?

Whether you’re doing a portfolio package with Michael or are fashion client needing a shoot, there is an extra charge for studio use. Michael has use of many studios in Dubai, and the size of studio is based on the type of shoot is needed. For small portfolio shoots, studios range from AED500 to AED1000 for a half day and around AED2200 for full day bookings. Please request further info on studio use when making initial contact with Michael.

5. How long will I have to wait for my photos?

It all depends on the type of shoot Michael is doing for you? Small 1 hour photo shoots take around 4 days to turn around, half day shoots around 7 days and a full day shoot 10 days. If however you need images especially urgently, please inform Michael so that we can make arrangements for this.

6. Do your fees include travel costs?

If our photo shoot is taking place in Dubai and surrounding areas there is no extra charge for travel and fuel costs. However if the photo shoot takes place in an area minimum of 50km’s outside of Dubai a travel fee will occur. For example if the shoot takes place in neighboring Emirates like Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or Ras Al Khaima there is an extra AED250 travel charge.

 Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. Please note that before doing a shoot with Michael you’ll be required to sign this T&C’s and disclaimer document to protect both parties, yourself and Michael from any misconceptions or issues that may arise before, during or after your photo shoot.

 Michael Kruger 

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